Grady Hall Beck WoW | STASH MAGAZINE

Giddy Up! Beck “WOW”

Partizan director Grady Hall, best known as a founding father of Motion Theory, teams with Beck to co-helm “WOW,” a non-linear amalgam of wild west imagery, general randomness, and arresting CG and animation clips sourced from Instagram talent including…

Sam Cannon –
Randy Cano –
Andy Gregg / Super Studio –
David McLeod –
John McLaughlin –
Jess Rona –…
Steve Smith –
Colby Richardson –
Dance Troupe: Dance Star


Director: Grady Hall, Beck
Creative Director / Editor: Brook Linder
Producer: Allan Wachs
Executive Producer: Haley Moffett
Choreographer: Charissa Seaman
2nd Unit Directors: Giovanni Ribisi, Nick Roney
DP: Pierre Rouger
2nd Unit Director: Nicole Yuhas
2nd Unit DP: Ernesto Lomeli
Curators: Dustin Beatty & Matt Draper
Creative Consultant: Ryan Erke