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Good to Know if You’re Smoking Dope in Colorado

Helping a government agency educate citizens on how and where to partake of their legal cannabis is not an assignment that comes along everyday (or lifetime). Kudos to LA studio Roger for nailing the style and tone needed to make this potentially hilarious/heavy-handed/cloying assignment informative, upbeat and stylish to boot.

Roger ECD/owner Terry Lee: “Given the subject matter, our approach to the style and animation was carefully crafted. It would have been very easy to cross the line into ‘psychedelic’ or ‘cartoony’ so we kept that in mind during our process in order to create a look that was vibrant, engaging and approachable for an adult audience.

“It was important for our cast of animated characters to not be viewed as cliched marijuana users. At the same time, we also wanted to represent the multicultural landscape of Colorado in a fun and amusing way.”

Agency: Cactus
Founder & CEO: Joe Conrad
Partner & CCO: Norm Shearer
VP, Creative Director: Brian Watson
Sr. Art Director: Allie Nordstrom
Art Director: Daniel Buchmeier
Designer: Megan Campbell
Copywriter: Andy Bartosch
Executive Producer: Brooke Woodruff
Senior Production Artist: Mark Tanner
Sr. Print Producer: Jamie Sharp
Digital Producer: Aisling O’Suilleabhain
Developer: Tom Metz

Animation Company: Roger
Creative Director: Terry Lee
Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky
Director of Business Development: Drew Neujahr
Head of Production: Brandon Stevenson
Producer: Tita Poe
Art Director/Animation: Jake Portman
Lead Designer: MK Fabila
Designers: Vini Naldi, Grace Kim, Clarissa Tossin & Belinda Rodriguez
3D Artist: Justin Wilcott
Animation/Compositors: Adam Lawrence, Justin Mays, Yu Lee, Gene Sung & Zach Carnes
Cel Animation: Lyuben Dimitrov, Matt Everton, Jahmad Rollins & Ashley Becera
Editor: Sean McAllen