Greg Barth “Epic Fail”

Director Greg Barth in London: “Epic Fail is a cautionary tale about social media, disconnected politics and a mistrustful and divided society – an avant-garde essay that questions how we perceive truth, information and politics, seen through the dual lenses of our real and virtual identities.

“Moved by the political events that shook 2016, the film is inspired by Jean Paul Sartre’s “Nausea”; or how we can develop visual embodiments of our emotions as a catharsis on how to deal with reality.

“The whole film is made using in camera effects, 3D prints and gravity defying rigs.”

Directed by Greg Barth
Written by: Greg Barth & Joe Hampson
Director of photography: Pau Munoz
Editing: Greg Barth & Alex Da Cunha
Post Production: Phillipe Medina, Greg Barth
Color Producer: Chris Anthony
Colorist: Jessica Vile @ Framestore
Art Director: Will Vincent
Set Design: Will Vincent, Brin Frost, Mathilde Steuillet
Props and Prosthetics: Suzy Battersby
Graphic Design: Futurneue
3D Printing: Digits 2 Widgets

Original Soundtrack and sound design: Nookaad Productions
Sound recorded at Wise Buddha Studios

Starring: Jahvel Hall, Mathilde Steuillet
Voice over actors: Lolly Adefope, David Elms, Baker Terry

Special Thanks to: Bart Yates, Charlie Perkins, Wolf & Moon Jewellery, Digits 2 Widgets, Station

Made with the help of Blink Ink and Blink Industries
Made with Props and sets initially commissioned by

Immediate Byte