HBO is in the Details

Vinicius Costa fans will immediately recognize his exacting art direction and love of fine detail in this ID created for HBO from an open brief with fellow Roof Studio creative director Guto Terni and audio house Huma-Huma.

Vinicius Costa: “I am tired of seeing films where the idea is already so digested and so meticulously planned that the viewer just needs to absorb it, this is my frustrated experiment on engaging with the viewer a narrative not giving everything away immediately but asking for participation on understanding about what is going on, and then, a story is formed

“The film visually tells an ordinary story of someone coming back home, getting inside home, cooking some food for guests that in one point arrive to enjoy dinner and that is when a group picture is take to go inside an album, this sequence of events also happens in different places and that is the final moment.

Client: HBO
Production & Director: Roof Studio
Creative Directors: vinicius Costa & Guto Terni
Storyboard: Carlos Alcamo
Art Direction: Vinicius Costa
Particle Fx: Pedro Cobuti
Animation: Felipe Machado
Rigging: Mike Hjorleifsson
Texturing / Lighting / Rendering: Shane O’hara & Vinicius Costa
Audio: Huma-Huma