Hornet Delivers Unbearably Cute “Once upon a Tree” Holiday Spot for Air Canada

Just when you thought the big budget holiday ad feels were done for the year, director Dan Marsh and Hornet swoop in with a painterly CG treatment for Air Canada about two tree ornaments who just want to spend Christmas together.

Powered by a cover of Bryan Adams’ 1991 classic “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” by Montréal singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin and produced thru agency FCB Toronto, the 90-second film was designed to “capture the joy of reuniting with loved ones at the most wonderful time of the year.”

The spot was also produced in 60-, 30- and 15-second versions and will live on both paid and organic social media, Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment system, and will also screen on television and in cinemas across Canada. 

And for those of you looking for some compare and contrast action, check Dan Marsh’s previous bit of over-the-top-ness from this past summer for Splash flavored water.
Air Canada Once upon a Tree Holiday Spot Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Air Canada Once upon a Tree Holiday Spot Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Air Canada Once upon a Tree Holiday Spot Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Air Canada Once upon a Tree Holiday Spot Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Air Canada Once upon a Tree Holiday Spot Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: Air Canada
VP, Brand: Andrew Shibata
Director, Brand Strategy and Content Marketing : John Xydous
Sr. Manager, Brand Content Marketing : Annie Couture
Manager, Brand Content Marketing : Anda Marciuc

Agency: FCB Toronto
CCO: Nancy Crimi-Lamanna
Global Creative Partner: Danilo Boer
ECD: Jeremiah McNama and Andrew MacPhee
ACD: Hussein Rumaithi and Caleb McMullen
Broadcast Producer : Franca Piacente
‪VP, Director of Studio Production: Kendra Plantt
‪Senior Integrated Producer: Chris Costa
Senior Production Artist: Jesse Reid-Smith
Senior Art Director: Jean-Pierre De Leon
‪Production Artist : Leslie Couto
‪Production Manager: Alexandra Zuniga

Production: Hornet
Director: Dan Marsh
EP: Greg Bedard
Creative Director: Sam Mason
Lead CG/Motion Graphics: Sami Healy, Justin Zurrow, Eric Concepcion
Managing Partner: Hana Shimizu
Director of Production: Karen Lawler
Head of Creative Development: Kristin Labriola
Head of Production: Dez Stavracos
Producer: Sean O’Loughlin
Senior Editor: Matthew Sandager
Assistant Editor: Cole Bannick
Production Coordinator: Judy Tam
Talent Coordinator: Lizzy Dolce
Storyboard Artist: Camillo Clauser
Character Designer: Anya Butler, Vincent Gallut, Hannah Kim, Toshiki Nakamura, Kaycee Nwakudu
Environment Designer: Chiara Benedetti, Kim Dulaney, Bryan Jimenez, Hannah Kim
Animation Lead: Sami Healy
Animator: Josh Brennan, Matt Corsillo, Kaycee Nwakudu, Paris Powell, Fabien Rousseau, Patrick Sholar, Camille Vincent
Cleanup Animator: Josh Brennan, Sami Healy, Kaycee Nwakudu, Fabien Rousseau, Camille Vincent
CG Supervisor: John Kalaigian
CG Lead: Justin Zurrow
CG Modeling: Krista Albert, Moises Gomes
Look Dev: Ali Jamali, Will Moody
Previsualization: Andrew Boccio, Matt Corsillo
CG Layout: Jared Eng
Light/Rendering: Ali Jamali, Laney Lai, Nicole Noel, Stacie Plassche, Rui Zhu
Compositing Lead: Eric Concepcion
Compositor: Herc Fernandez, Alex Harding, Andy Malvasio, Dhruv Shankar, Shandy Tam
Color Correct: Evan Schoonmaker

Audio: Cult Nation
Artist: Charlotte Cardin
Artist Manager: Laurie Chouinard
Executive producer: Tanguy Meunier
Music arrangement: Tanguy Meunier, Lubalin, Sam Avant, Paul-Antoine Aubry
Music Coordinator: Melissa Hassing
Audio Producer: Arnaud Coutray de Pradel
Audio Coordinator: Fahey Martin
Sound design: Rene-Pierre Guerin, François Bélanger and Tanguy Meunier
Mix: Tanguy Meunier

Licenses: Bryan Adams “Everything I Do (I Do it For You)”
Universal Music Publishing Group & Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.