The Process Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen | STASH MAGAZINE

Intense and Meta Look at “The Process” of Digital Motion

Director/filmmaker Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen in Denmark: “Inspiration turns to aspiration, turns to exasperation, turns to exhaustion and then you forget the horrors of past attempts and start the whole ordeal all over again. This is The Process.


“Doing this project felt very rewarding, as it was finished in less than two months (quick for me), plus I get to flex some creative muscles and come up with creative solutions to generating a lot of footage in a short time.

“And in the end the whole thing became a meta story as the very thing I was trying to portray; the endless struggle to try and improve my work, was also a big part of the process of making The Process.”

Director/3D/Comp/edit: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
Happy animals/spaceship: Lyuba Halacheva
Music: Puryx
Sound mastering: lug00ber

Toolkit: 3ds max, V-Ray, After Effects, Premiere, Gaea, Reason