Interstellar Time Capsule Intro

Elastic CD/filmmakers David Brodie and Angus Wall introduce the ambitious and quietly emotional Interstellar Time Capsule project which invites you to contribute multi-media evidence humans are worthy inhabitants of planet Earth.

Powered by Google Play and curated by Christopher Nolan with production by Elastic and finishing by a52.

Client | Google Play
Production | Elastic
Co-Creative Directors | David Brodie + Angus Wall
Producer | Michele Abbot
Executive Producer | Jennifer Sofio
Editorial | Rock Paper Scissors
Editors | David Brodie, Neil Meiklejohn
Assistant Editors | Niles Howard, Cudjo Collins
Producer | Dina Ciccotello
Finishing | a52
Flame Artists | Matt Sousa, Dan Ellis
Colorist | Paul Yacono
Designers | Henry DeLeon
Animators | Trix Taylor, Taekyu Kim
Producer | Stacy Kessler-Aungst
Sound Design | Lime Studios
Music Composition | Judson Crane