ITFS 2015 Stuttgart | STASH MAGAZINE

ITFS 2015 “Filmfabrik”

Take a surreal and completely mad mixed media/2D trip into the animation process with Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg student directors Alireza Hashempour and Malaeke Farhangadib in their ID for the 2015 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film.

From the directors: “Dream Factory and a film projector fuse together boisterously, as an abstract Mickey sets its own creation in motion. There´s perforating, animation, editing and composing going on at a breakneck pace until finally we get hurled out of the projector back into our seats.”

Directors: Malaeke Farhangadib, Alireza Hashempour
Producer: Stefan Michel
Compositing: Thomas Sali, Kariem Saleh
Technical Directing: Johannes Franz
Filmmusik: Christian Heck
Mischung: Jonathan Schorr

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