Language Arts “Sprout” Music Video by Pierre-Julien Fieux

Kristen Cudmore, composer/vocals/guitars with Canadian art-pop band Language Arts: “It was Jan 28th, 2010, when I got up at 4am to drive to the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, to go adopt my dear companion, Sprout.

“I had found her on the West Hollywood SPCA website. She (“Koala” -at the time) was abandoned in a foreclosed home, it was so sad to imagine how she ended up in this situation.

“The moment I saw her face, I knew she was my girl. I called the SPCA to inquire, and they told me that I couldn’t adopt her, since I didn’t live in the state of California.

“I begged and pleaded, asking if I flew down and applied, would they then would consider me. They answered with a firm no, even though she was on the euthanasia list, due to overcrowding in the shelter.

“I didn’t take no for an answer. I called the BC Small Dog and Poodle Rescue and asked if they would rescue the dogs at this SPCA shelter. More specifically, the dogs on the list to be euthanized and then would they consider me as an applicant for “Koala”.

“They agreed to go down and said that they would be in touch in a few weeks, after reviewing my application. I never heard back from them.

“Then, one day, two months later, I was on their website, and I saw Sprout (“Gracie” at that time). She was renamed and up for adoption again! I applied again. They couldn’t believe my dedication in following her provenance and apologized profusely for forgetting about me, by accepting my application.

“When I arrived in Victoria, I ran off the ferry faster than I ever ran in my life. I met the couple surrendering her on the other side. I couldn’t thank them enough for allowing me to take my sweet pup home, finally.

“She looked at me, almost like we had already met. I cried a little as I picked her up to tell her that I was her new mommy. She licked my face and then we started walking on to the ferry with her kennel and her toys.

“While sitting in the pets area, she sniffed around nervously, looking up at me, with her ridiculous haircut (body shaved, with a head full of hair sprouting everywhere, she looked like a grey lion) and I thought, ‘You are my little Sprout!’

“Almost 10 years later, she has become a therapy dog who assists me when I am feeling faint. I got hit by a drunk driver while riding my bike and my brain injury took me through layers of upset, pain, disability, and plain old unpredictability on how I might feel each day.

“I have lived in this world of post-concussion syndrome for four years with 16 compound concussions from falling or from the accident. I can’t play soccer anymore, I can’t handle a lot of stimulation and I have to live a bit of a recluse life. Sprout is there with me through it all.”

Label: King Deluxe
Artist: Language Arts
Director/animator: Pierre Julien Fieux

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