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Lumbre: Fox Sports “Beauty in Strength”

Buenos Aires motion studio Lumbre just finished their first project for FOX Sports USA: This hardcore launch spot and toolkit for the 20th season of “The Ultimate Fighter” featuring 16 female fighters all shot on location in Vegas.

“Lumbre created the concept and design from inception to execution and FOX Sports is using these ideas for the off air as well. This includes a wrap of the 42nd Street subway shuttle in New York City.”

NYC subway shuttle graphic wrap

EVP: Robert Gottlieb
Creative VP: Blake Danforth
SVP On-Air Promotions: Bill Battin
Director/Creative Director: Steve Lewis
Brand Director: Elizabeth Loucher
Producer: Laura Miller

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh?
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo?
Art Director: Adriana Campos?
Account Manager: Jeff Keisel
Concept design: Carla Dasso
Art Director: José Cambariere?
Design: José Cambariere, Fede Dams
Lead Animation: José Cambariere
?3D Animation: José Cambariere, Mr. X, Darío Becher?
Animation and composition: Dario Becher, José Cambariere, Fede Dams
Editing: Natalia Toth
Keying and Color Grading: Edi Walger