Mat Collishaw’s Insane 3D-printed Zoetrope

UK artist Mat Collishaw teams with fellow Londoner Sebastian Burdon (who handled the 3D modeling and animation) to create a mesmerizing and impossibly detailed 3D-printed zoetrope composed of over 350 character figures plus props and environmental elements.

Based on Peter Paul Rubens’ early 17th century painting “Massacre of the innocent,” the project took six months to complete.
Collishaw_Burdon_Zoetrope | STASH MAGAZINE

Director: Mat Collishaw
Modeler/animator: Sebastian Burdon

8 Responses to “Mat Collishaw’s Insane 3D-printed Zoetrope”
  1. JSintheStates says:

    i understand it is classic Reubens. The modelling and construct are incedible. But the 3-D visual impression, the vivid realism, generates the true sadism of the event!

  2. I am absolutely amazed at the effect – so clever – would like to find out more about 3D Zoetrope. The narrative is grotesque, but the video is amazing, mesmerising. thank you for sharing.

  3. Mda75 says:

    Totally amazing work – can I ask – how did you create the annimation? Did you create several versions of the piece and use stop animation or something else?

    Secondly – how did you create the artwork templates – did you recreate ‘manually’ to get into 3d or access common rights material from somewhere?

    Lastly – appreciate may not want to share but would be great to understand what digi printer tech you used…

    an amazingly emotive piece brought to life with such finesse – well done!

  4. Jehudi van Dijk says:

    Cruel beauty!

  5. Martin L. Carl says:

    Phantastic, awesome and very brutal

  6. Nigel B says:

    Should make make more contemporary versions like Jews being led to the gas-chamber or ISIS-style mass executions

  7. Someone mentioned this is classic Reubens. Can you point us to a specific work that inspired this?

  8. Hey Brian, As per the article copy “Based on Peter Paul Rubens’ early 17th century painting “Massacre of the innocents.”