The Mill+: 2014 D&AD Title Sequence

Created with a combination of keyframe animation and dynamics by a small team at the Mill+, this inventive and pristinely rendered title sequence provided the centerpiece for the 2014 D&AD awards handed out earlier this week.

Director Nils Kloth: “Every year the D&AD titles are a fantastic opportunity for us to come up with a custom brief for an idea and style that we really want to create.

“We built and animated everything in Cinema 4D, utilizing physics simulation and manual animation methods to achieve the working of all these machines. To achieve the best and most realistic look we decided to use V-Ray for all lighting and texturing. This year’s idea is based on Factory Fifteen’s initial concept of a ‘Design Carousel’ and Planning Unit’s idea for this year’s show.”

Design & Animation Studio: Mill+
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Producer: Oana Anghel
Design Director: Nils Kloth, Douglas Bowden
Senior Art Director: Douglas Bowden
3D Lead: Oliver Harris
3D Artist: Matt Whitewood
2D Artist: Nils Kloth
Audio Track: Angell Sound
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