Markos Kay Celebrates Summer Solstice With New “Midsummer’s Day” Short Film

London director/artist and AI advocate Markos Kay, who recently dropped this standout short film, marks the northern hemisphere’s maximum tilt toward the sun with a new experiment he describes as, “An ode to the sweet dreaminess of summer.” [Watch]

Markos Kay Nature Portals Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Markos Kay Tames AI with Art Direction in “Nature Portals” Short Film

With his latest experimental short film Nature Portals, London artist and director Markos Kay continues his mission to integrate AI tools into the environment of professional art direction and production. [Watch]

MRK_Quantun Fluctuations | STASH MAGAZINE

The Unexpected Beauty of “Quantum Fluctuations”

Join London visual artist, director and lecturer Markos Kay (aka MRK) on his spectacular virtual trip inside the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN to visualize the complex interactions of particle collisions. [Watch]