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Patrick Clair Opens “The Night Manager”

Elastic director Patrick Clair describes his opening titles for the new BBC/AMC co-production The Night Manager as, “A visual collision of exquisite luxury and industrialized violence. Aesthetics, destruction, death, wealth and economics intermix.”

Patrick Clair: “The Night Manager follows the concierge of a luxury hotel who is drawn into the murky reality of international arms dealing.

“I was fascinated by the visual motif of military destruction morphing into luxury jewels, drinks and decadence. The economy of action storytelling (games, movies, tv, toys, documentary) simulates and fetishizes military hardware. In my own work, I’ve slid from making anti-war documentaries right through to marketing video games that celebrate the experience of mortal combat.

“The Night Manager confronts this commodification of conflict head-on… and it’s a gripping drama at that. Hopefully, the sequence we’ve crafted for the front of the show captures this in a way that is spectacular and deeply unsettling in equal measure.

“Also, it was a lot of fun to make. Explosions can look really cool.”

Created at Elastic
Director: Patrick Clair
Designers: Paul Kim, Jeff Han, Kevin Heo, Felix Soletic
Lead Animator: Raoul Marks,
Animators: Yongsub Song, Lucy Kim
Producer: Zach Wakefield
Pitch Producer: Carol Collins
Coordinator: Danny Hirsch
Head of Production: Kim Christensen
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall

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