The Pen is More Beautiful than the Sword

Stuttgart studio Büro Achter April crafts a series of artful CG brand films for the 2019 Special Edition line of pens from venerable German writing instrument maker Lamy.

Büro Achter April director Michael Fragstein: “Because of the freedom to experiment in an autonomous way, this commission felt almost like a personal project. Even though it was challenging to develop and produce these completely different concepts simultaneously, it was still a very playful journey.

“The videos were shown at a Lamy in-house event to distributors and partners and will be revealed to the public over the course of the next few months.”




Client: LAMY

Concept, art direction, production: Büro Achter April
Director: Michael Fragstein
Production team: Johannes Rauch, Raphael Rau, Benjamin Springer, Thomas Nathan, Andreas Martini,
Rezaul Atom, Stephan Bovenschen, Jonas Anetzberger, Michael Fragstein

Music/Sound: Jürgen Branz, Marc Fragstein