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Pixelar Animated Typeface

From the release:

Pixelar is a modular animated pixel typeface. The characters are constructed from 50 unique animated squares. These animated squares can also be used to construct your own typography, pixel-art or transitions.

The animated typeface includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, accents, punctuation and special characters. Eight customizable colors give it a nice and vibrant look. The vector shapes stay sharp at any size. Also available as static OTF-version.

Animography is a type-foundry that specialises in animated typefaces. These animated typefaces comes as Adobe After Effects files. They are easy to use, customizable and scalable without any loss of quality.

Buy Pixelar on animography.net/

Type design – Pablo Balcells – graviton.com.ar/
Animat- Jeroen Krielaars – calango.nl/
Music & sound design – Clark Rhee – clarkrhee.com/