Jesper Bolther Okomito Japanese Proverbs Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Okomito: Japanese Proverbs” Short Film by Jesper Bolther

Director/animator Jesper Bolther in Copenhagen, Denmark: “With an offset in our love of Japanese culture, this project is an experiment as to what would happen if you pair some quirky animations with a series of Japanese proverbs. [Watch]

Ordinary Folk Take on "Flibbertigibbet" for Animography’s A Word a Week | STASH MAGAZINE

Ordinary Folk Take on “Flibbertigibbet” for Animography’s A Word a Week

Ordinary Folk in Vancouver: “If you have a half-hour to kill, try saying ‘flibbertigibbet’ three times fast. If you only have 20 seconds, watch this film and listen to each of us trying to say it once.” [Watch]

Crypto Art Questions? Bee Grandinetti has the Answers | STASH MAGAZINE

Crypto Art Questions? Bee Grandinetti has the Answers

Confused by NFTs and #cryptoart? UK director/animator Bee Grandinetti feels your pain, looks into the problem and provides her conclusion in this bite-sized morsel of animated fun. [Watch]

Gilbert baker typeface | STASH MAGAZINE

Animated “Gilbert” Typeface Honors Rainbow Flag Creator

To honor the memory of Gilbert Baker, LGBTQ activist, and creator of the now iconic Rainbow Flag, NewFest and NYC Pride partnered with Fontself and Animography to create a free (and free-spirited) animated typeface. [Watch]

Animography | STASH MAGAZINE

Type-36: New Animated Typeface from Animography

From Animography: Type-36 is a clean, capsule-like and geometric typeface. The animations are applied to the ExtraBold weight and are a highly customizable glitch style reveal. Control color, distortion and secondary elements to tailor Type-36 to your project. [Watch]

Pixelar animated type face| STASH MAGAZINE

Pixelar Animated Typeface

Pixelar is a modular animated pixel typeface. The characters are constructed from 50 unique animated squares. These animated squares can also be used to construct your own typography, pixel-art or transitions. [Watch]

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