Oh Possum Animated Short| STASH MAGAZINE

What Really Happens When Possums Play Dead?

Inspired by an opossum living in a coffin amongst his landlord’s old halloween props, Los Angeles director/animator Justin Hilden began filling his sketchbook with possums and possum gags, “Mostly I was intrigued by their strange avoidance of trouble, a trick not unlike my own reaction to stress.”

The final result is a smart and snappy animated short about what actually happens when two bickering brother possums play dead.

See the very thorough behind the scenes here.

Directed and Animated by: Justin Hilden
Story by: Justin Hilden, Dave Hilden
Story Edited by: Autumn Hilden
Ellsworth Voiced by: Jonesy McElroy
Switch Voiced by: Jeff Rogers
Additional Voices by: Jonesy McElroy, Autumn Hilden, Dave Hilden, CJ Wilson
Voice Recording Engineer: Shea Formaneck
Foley Recording Engineer: Aaron Moe
“Possum Theme”
Music by: Aaron Moe
Performed by: Aaron Moe
“TV Japan”
Music and Lyrics by: Stone Nowhere (used by permission)
Arrangement by: Aaron Hilden
Performed by: William Muñoz, Aaron Moe, Martin Anderson, John Luedtke
Recorded at: Mojo Menace Studios
Title and Poster Design by: Dave Douglass
Special Thanks: Matt Cuny, Steve Carver, Maryanne Pittman, Kelli Bixler
For Aaron
Made in Burbank, California
Copyright © 2016 Justin Hilden