Rafael Mayrhofer: “Kangaroos Can’t Jump Backwards”

Check this fabulous stop motion, non-linear philosophical rant from director/animator Rafael Mayrhofer, aka 1/3 of the Austrian trio of filmmakers known as Motiphe (with Florian Juri and Clemens Wirth).

“Mayrhofer, a self-taught stop motion animator, says he was inspired by his work experience in NY at Buck and Hornet and reveals he created the bars of soap sequence by biting into them himself for each frame, “I didn’t swallow, but my mouth was quite irritated and I didn’t have much ability to taste anything for the rest of the day.”

Mayrhofer from the interview on Dragonframe: “Whenever I can, I try to experiment with something new so I don’t quite know where it will take me.

“The concept from the beginning was that it would be impossible for the first time viewer to grasp all the information given. I was aiming for a balance between overloading the viewer with information but not be too annoying.”
Motiphe_Kangaroos | STASH MAGAZINE

Director and Animator: Rafael Mayrhofer
Script: Katharina Pichler, Rafael Mayrhofer
Voice Actor: Beau Stephenson
2D Animation: Katja Flachberger
Sound Design: Irad Lee, Rafael Mayrhofer

Canon 5D Mark II, Dragonframe

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