72andSunny_Call of Duty | STASH MAGAZINE

Are You Ready for Transhumanism?

Director Patrick Clair and the Elastic crew team with 72andSunny to compile a convincing news montage stretching 50 years into the future creating an unnerving back story for Activision’s Call of Duty franchise in prep for the release of “Black Ops III” this fall.

Agency | 72andSunny
Client | Activision
Production | Pecubu Productions
Director | Patrick Clair
Executive Producer | Jennifer Sofio Hall
Line Producer | Kelly Christensen
Post Production
Design Studio | Elastic
Creative Director | Patrick Clair
Designer(s) | Paul Kim, Kevin Heo, Jeff Han
2D Animators | Yongsub Song, Steve Do
Head of 3D | Kirk Shintani
CG Supervisor | Andrew Romatz,
3D Artists | Cody Woodard, Andy Byrne, Ian Ruhfass, Josephine Kahng, Christian Sanchez, Adam Carter, Alyssa Diaz, Erin Clarke, Joe C, Joe Paniagua, Samuel Ortiz, Wendy Klein, Miguel Salek, Joe Chiechi
Lead Compositor | Andy McKenna
Additional Compositors | Matt Sousa, Steve Wolf, Andres Barrios, Richard Hirst, Stefan Gaillot, Christel Hazard
Finishing | Gabe Sanchez, Kevin Stokes, Erik Rojas, David Tregde
Executive Producer | Jennifer Sofio Hall
Producer: |Carol Salek
Production Coordinator | Cudjo Collins
Color | A52
Colorist | Paul Yacono
Color Assistant | Chris Riley
Editorial | Rock Paper Scissors
Editor | David Brodie
Assistant Editors | Niles Howard, Josh Hayes
Producer | Dina Ciccotello
Executive Producer | Angela Dorian