Copycat Club Ganz Berlin | STASH MAGAZINE

Riccardo Torresi: Copycat Club “Ganz Berlin”

The on-going gentrification of Berlin takes a strange turn in this striking interpretation by artist/architect/designer Riccardo Torresi for “Ganz Berlin” from German electro-artist Diego Parravano, aka Copycat Club.

“The video describes a dystopic reality where Berlin is swallowed by a giant pink blob, symbol for the massive changing and urbanization the city is experiencing.

“The video, like the entire Copycat Club’s album, is a representation of the German capital seen in the light of its unstoppable growth. The main character is an emblem of passivity and defencelessness facing a way bigger opponent.”

Direction/animation: Riccardo Torresi
special thanks: Andrea Cucinotta, Tanade Amornpiyalerk, Yazan Tabaza
Music: Copycat Club

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