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Behind the Scenes on GMUNK’s “The Chamber”

Trip backstage with GMUNK and crew for Mr. Munkowitz’ ambitious chapter of The Connected Series sponsored by Samsung; an exploration of the power of technology to re-pattern the way we see ourselves, allowing us to relive the past and embellish the present.

GMUNK: “In today’s technologically saturated world, each of us assume a staggering number of virtual identities. We facilitate social lives through digital profiles on Facebook — engage with popular culture through digital profiles on Twitter — document a curated selection of our day-to-day lives through digital profiles on Instagram — refine our tastes through digital profiles on Pinterest — fall in love through digital profiles on OKCupid — launch careers through digital profiles on LinkedIn — the list goes on and on.

“As we split ourselves into more and more digital avatars, we connect with more and more people: in fact, we’re more connected, as individuals and as a society, than we’ve ever been. But how do we connect with past, present, and future versions of ourselves? As technology continues to evolve, might it eventually be able to help us bridge the gaps in our own self-perceptions?

“As a part of Samsung Mobile’s “Connected” series, GMUNK was one of ten creatives to offer a perspective on the human connection with technology and innovation. Taken as a whole, these ten films create a meaningful dialogue, delving deeply into the ways that our relationship with technology impacts us as individuals, and as a society. The Chamber represents GMUNK’s contribution to that conversation.”

Watch the finished film:

Written & Directed by: GMUNK
Managing Director – Live Action: Oliver Fuselier
Managing Partner – Digital: Dustin Callif
Executive Producer – Live Action: Robert Helphand
Producer: Geno Imbriale
Production Supervisor: Jessica Clark
Assistant Production Supervisor: Devin Johnston
1st Assistant Director: Nathan McCoy
2nd Assistant Director: Bob Riley
VTR: Dylan Defelicis
Director of Photography: Joe Picard
1st Assistant Camera: Bob Smathers
Underwater Camera Operator: Bob Settlemire
2nd Assistant Camera: Sherri Miranda
DIT: Bobby Maruvada
Camera Utility: Magnus Persson
Gaffer: Shane Salyards
BB Electric: Gary Soloko
Electric: Mike Ursetta
Electric: Reid Anderson
Key Grip: Johnny Ziello
Grip: JayJay Jaramillo
Grip: Han Cholo
Grip: Cyle Huff
Principal Male: Victor Mazzone
Principal Female: Jessica Blackmore
Principal Boy: Austin Dean
Wardrobe Stylist: Danielle RaPue
Hair/Makeup: Vera Steimberg
Production Design: VT PRO Design
Design Director: Michael Fullman
Lead Designer / Animator: Michael Rigley
Production Assistant: Sergio Valencia
LED Tape Install: Barry Bradshaw
Post Production: Glassworks London
VFX Supervisor: James MacLachlan
Colorist: Matt Hare
Editor: Bradley G Munkowitz
Music by: Keith Ruggiero
Post Production: SpyPost
VFX Artists: Ben Hawkins, Todd Gill
Art Department: Arne Knudsen
Typography Design: Rowan Ogden
Title Animation: Peter Clark
Writers: Bradley G Munkowitz, Taylor Van Arsdale
Primary Reference: Bruno Dayan, Brendon Burton
Secondary Reference: Christian Boltanski, Aaron Draper
Process Film Editor: Sam Cividanis
Process Photographers: Diani Sutherland, Jeff Lee
Process Music by: PILOTPRIEST
Production Assistant (Office): Anneke Barrie
Production Assistant (Cam/Prod): Trey Butler
Production Assistant: Crystal Katancharoen
Production Assistant: Jesse Barba
Production Assistant: Cody Ross
Gang Boss: Tony Wood
Locations: Doug Disanti
Site Rep: Kyle Hollinger
Studio Teacher: Randy Hoffman
Lifeguard: Wes Hatfield
Scuba Diver: Chris Poppajon
Scuba Diver: Janes Clyde
Craft Service: Danny Crowley
Air Courier: Bellair
Camera: The Camera House
Casting: ASG Casting
Crafty: McCrafty’s
Dolly: JL Fisher
Electric Equipment: Bronco Lighting
Extras: ACT Inc.
Generator: Camerama
Grip Equipment: Camerama
Insurance: Aon/Albert G. Ruben
Messenger Service: Harry’s Run
Payroll: CAPS Universal
Permit: Film LA
Production Supplies: Camerama
Shipping: Fedex
Water Truck: Agua Dulce
Trucking (Prod/Cam): Quixote
VTR: Lucky Jackson
Walkies: Camerama
Extras: Per Act Inc.
Special Thanks: Erich Joiner, Pyrotechnico, Matrix Visual