Z by HP Milky Chance Synchronize collaborative Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Z by HP Merges Art and Technology for Milky Chance “Synchronize” Music Video

Following on their collaborative short film “The Living System”, Z by HP gathers artists/designers Orlando Arocena, GMUNK, Nidia Dias, Jody MacDonald, and Rik Oostenbroek to visualize a track by German band Milky Chance. [Watch]

GMUNK-Synapse-Code-Patterns-of-a-Digital-Consciousness | STASH-MAGAZINE

GMUNK Explores Patterns of a Digital Consciousness in “Synapse Code” Short Film

Exactly a year after releasing his ambient film First Breath, digital artist/director/motion designer GMUNK (aka Bradley G Munkowitz) drops another intriguing visual meditation with respiration and neural exploration at its core. [Watch]

Inframunk-Breathe-GMUNK | STASH MAGAZINE

Inframunk “First Breath” Ambient Art by GMUNK

GMUNK: “In the genesis chapter of Inframunk Is Breathing, an infusion of something as basic as the breath of life triggers a cellular-level excavation through the lens of mutation. A digital valve releases a respiratory bloom and what transpires is a dance of psychedelic botany.” [Watch]


“DECIMA” OFFF2022 Title Sequence by GMUNK, Psyop, and Friends

In what he calls “one of my most ambitious projects to date”, director and modern renaissance man GMUNK (aka Bradley G Munkowitz) crafts an epic short film called DECIMA, “exploring themes of mortality, empowerment, soul passage, and illumination.” [Watch]


OFFF 2022 “DECIMA” Trailer by GMUNK

GMUNK: “DECIMA is a short film exploring themes of transmigration, empowerment, soul passage, and illumination. Produced for the legendary design conference OFFF Barcelona, which granted GMUNK the opportunity to craft their 20th Anniversary Title sequence with the highest honor.” [Watch]

Z by HP "The Living System" Short Film Collaboration | STASH MAGAZINE

Z by HP “The Living System” Short Film Collaboration

HP brings together an A-team of the planet’s visual talent for this branded short film commissioned to highlight their line of Z high-performance PCs aimed at designers and creators. [Watch]