Samsung CXL Memory Expander Brand Film by Brut | STASH MAGAZINE

Samsung “CXL Memory Expander” Brand Film by Brut

From the team at Brut animation/design collective in Barcelona: “The idea was to dramatize the data’s flow with animated balls demonstrating the benefits of Samsung’s new technology using motion graphics to make this video engaging and instructive.” [Watch]

Samsung NeoQLED 8K Product Film Bicture | STASH MAGAZINE

Samsung NeoQLED 8K Product Film by Bicture

From the team at Bicture in Seoul, South Korea: “We produced a new Samsung TV model NeoQLED 8K product promotion video released at CES in Las Vegas in 2022.” [Watch]

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Launch Video by Giantstep | STASH MAGAZINE

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Launch Video by Giantstep

From the team at Giantstep in Seoul, South Korea: “It was a great pleasure for us to work on the unveiling sequence for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.” [Watch]

Samsung The Marketplace Matthijs Van Heijningen The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

Samsung “The Marketplace” by Matthijs Van Heijningen and The Mill Paris

MJZ director Matthijs Van Heijningen and the VFX/creature crew at The Mill in Paris conjure a fantasy-infused alt-universe to highlight the gaming prowess of Samsung’s new Exynos 2200 mobile processor. [Watch]

Best of Stash 2021 3D Style | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2021: 3D Style

These films represent the ongoing golden age of CG and some of the most innovative designers and directors of what we call 3D Style – a genre Stash defines as a form of digital magic realism fueled by vigorous experimentation. [Watch]

Samsung "Notebook Plus2" Product Film by The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

Samsung “Notebook Plus2” Product Film by The Mill

Creative director Tom Dibb, who is responsible for The Mill’s direct-to-brand projects, leads the team in this elegant and often ethereal film for Samsung’s new Notebook Plus2 while always maintaining a sense of playfulness and surprise. [Watch]