Behind the Scenes with Rocketscience Lab for Kohinoor

Indian animation innovators Rocketscience Lab reveal how they blended 700+ beautifully illustrated stop-motion dinner plates and 3D animation into a cheerful charmer for Kohinoor sauces and meals.

Vidya Sharma, director/founder at Rocketscience Lab in Bangalore, India: “Each of the frames in the film is a custom-designed sublimation-printed plate.

“The illustration style brings about a contemporary perspective of Indian chaos balanced in an artistic format. Multiple animations narrating various little nuances in India fill up each frame of the animation that tells a different story each time you see the film.”
Watch the finished spot:

Kohinoor Taste India | STASH MAGAZINE

Brand: Kohinoor

Agency: Cultr, London
Writer: Radhika Kapur
Art director: Mathanki Kodavasal
Planner & Creative Guidance: Abu Mallick

Production House: Rocketscience Lab
Directors: Vidya sharma & Rajesh thomas
Illustrator: Rishi Dev RK
Character Animation: Mithilesh B
3d Animation: Prateek Vatash
Head of CG: Varun Saini
Stop Motion Artist: Jigesh Kumar
Dop: Sam Mohan
Dop asst: Manjunath bk & Abhishek Srivastava
Production Designer: Pooja Ramesh
Art Department: Santosh Panchal
Art asst: Naveen
Second Shooter Rig Tech: Nitye Sood
Producer: Kalpana Kumar, Yolk studio
Shoot Location: Yolk Studio
Food Stylist: Javinder Singh

Printing Technician: Shivananda
Printing Assistance: Maruthi, Ganesh & Babu
Sublimation Prints: Sterling
Plate Supply: Photo Tech – Noida & Koncept – Delhi

Music Director: Mikey Mccleary
Music Producers: Sharel Soans & Parth Parekh
Singer: Jedd

One Response to “Behind the Scenes with Rocketscience Lab for Kohinoor”
  1. näsh says:

    Hey Guys,
    WTF is this ? why are so many recources exhausted to produce a soup spot? Come on. Is this a student project or what ?
    Why didn’t you do that digitally, why printing out 700+ of stickers to put them on 700+ plates?
    What happend to the dinner plates afterwards? Is there a charity project to sell those a give the money to hungry people.
    And at all the resulting spot is not excusing all of that work made.
    Sorry, but watching this makes me and lot of friends working in the same buisness really, really angry.

    sincerely yours