Behind the Scenes on Shiseido “The Party Bus”

A young woman’s lipstick and eyeshadow come to life and help her find new love in the latest web film for venerable cosmetics brand Shiseido with post and animation by Japanese studios Digital Egg and My Working.

Watch the behind the scenes feature below for more on how the team painstakingly combined animation, CG and stop-motion to achieve the animated make-up VFX.

Behind the scenes:

Client: Shiseido
Creative Director: Masato Kosukegawa
Copy Writer: Aya Ueki, Mike Burns
Producer: Mika Ishii
Web Director: Tomoaki Yamura

Production: Tower Film
Director: Show Yanagisawa
Producer: Yoshito Imai, Masahiro Kijima
Line Producer: Kenji Nishina
Camera: Senzo Ueno
Camera Assist: Akio Fujita
Lighting: Masachio Nishida
Lighting Assistant: Isao Kato
Production Designer: Yui Miyamori
Stylist: Takeru Sakai
Stylist Assistant: Arisa Shimoda

VFX/post: Digital Egg , My Working

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