The Secret Life of “Bananas”

Mixing the silly with the sublime, London director/designers Xander Marritt and Elias Freiberger team with FutureDeluxe to concoct a striking CG short about “the conscious and subconscious. Reality and surreality. A reflection of life, a personification of the immediacy in the way we conduct ourselves.”

Co-director Elias Freiberger: “Bananas is an abstraction of the surreality within the modern world. The ways we perceive, obscure and represent it. Much of the film’s inspiration stems from a constant battle. That of perpetuated rhetoric and hyperbole. The ways in which we mystify life and how crazy it all is.
Bananas Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE
“We know its the ‘victors’ who write history, but who even are the victors? These ‘bigwigs’ have repackaged, filtered and reprocessed this information. Injected ideology into our collective consciousness, to warp through time, for generations to come. Ideologies layered up to create the world and social structures we recognize.

“As our individual reach extends, the clearer we see the clash of ancient hysteria. Yet with time the narrative only muddies. The better connected we become, the better chance to shape our own reality. But we also leave ourselves open to the realities of others. Including widespread populist agendas.

“The world is a complicated place where you can get swept up in any narrative. Bananas is about all this, or its about nothing at all, depends where your looking from really.”
Bananas Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE
Created by: Xander Marritt, Elias Freiberger
Production: FutureDeluxe
Cream simulation: Gabor Ekes

Audio: Xander Marritt
VO: Solea and Loeïza