Best of Stash 2015: “The Amazing World of Gumball” Loops

Known for their character-driven craziness, Buenos Aires design/animation studio Ronda turn their talents to Cartoon Network’s “The Amazing World of Gumball,” creating this series of lunatic loops including a claymation clip by fellow Argentinians Can Can Club.

From issue 111 of the Stash Permanent Collection:

Ronda animator Fernan Graziano in Buenos Aires: “[Cartoon Network] contacted us to make five loops, the length of each video should be between five and 10 seconds. Basically the idea was to do whatever we want.

“The main challenge was to find the way to appropriate the characters, take them from their aesthetic and make them ours. Put them into a new universe without losing their essence.

“Definitely the different techniques we used in these five pieces was the main technical challenge. We used 3D in one, claymation in another and 2D on the others three pieces. The challenge was basically to coordinate these different techniques with different timings and different aesthetics.”

Schedule: two months.
Cartoon Network Amazing World of Gumball | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Cartoon Network

Direction: Ronda, Gabriel Fermanelli
Art director: Gabriel Fermanelli
Animation: Ronda
Claymation: Can Can Club
Modeling/Rigging: Miguel Cesti

Audio: Cartoon Network 2015

3ds Max, After Effects

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