Christophe Peladan Goutte d'Or | STASH MAGAZINE

Stop Motion Masterwork “Goutte d’Or”

So here’s the thing: the love interest is nubile, naked, flies a broom, and her octopus-wig doubles as her chaperone fending off the lusty advances of an undead, one-eyed old pirate captain while three also-undead sailors hang around playing musical wingmen.

The plot may be rabidly politically incorrect to some but it doesn’t change the level of craft and atmosphere achieved by Danish director/animator Christophe Peladan and his crew who spent six years at The Animation Workshop in Denmark crafting the film, a stop-motion tour de force with CG backgrounds.

Cool fact: Peladan spent two years as a stopmotion animator at Aardman working on the Oscar-nominated feature “The Pirates: Band of Misfits.”

“Goutte d’Or” is a coproduction between Happy Flyfish Production ApS (Denmark) and ExFool’s Production (France) with support from The Animation Workshop, The West Danish Film Fund, The Film Workshop, Open Workshop, The Danish Animation Society ANIS and the Viborg Council.

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