Found Studio Uncovers History for Viasat

Ryan Locke, senior motion designer/AD at Found Studio in London: “Launching [European broadcaster] Viasat World’s latest creative campaign, ‘Uncovering History’, sees the channel’s iconic H mark revealed in relation to six pillars of the channel’s programming: World War II, the French revolution, lost civilizations, Russian space exploration, and the industrial revolution.

“A huge challenge both creatively and technically, the scenes required an immense amount of detail – in particular, the shattering chandelier, simulated using Houdini, and the vast desert of lost civilizations, which saw us tackle a mass of particle simulations.

“We looked to locate the drama and story within each pillar, to create something that felt uniquely rich and worldly. The challenges that came with that being the sheer scale the creative evolved into, and the balance of keeping a sense of realism alive.”

Client: Viasat World
Production: Found Studio
Sound design/music: Echoic Audio

Toolkit: Cinema4D, Houdini, Octane