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VIZIO Picture Quality commercial Found Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Found Studio Highlights VIZIO’s “Picture Quality”

Key features of the new M-Series TVs from US consumer electronics brand VIZIO come to vivid and metaphorical life in this new spot from the design and animation team at Found in London. [Watch]

Portraits Short Film by Found | STASH MAGAZINE

“Portraits” Experimental Short Film by Found Studio

Clayton Welham, CD at Found: “This project enabled us to cross the age-old tradition of capturing a person’s likeness with contemporary imaging technologies to investigate the point at which we see something familiar in an image.” [Watch]

Xeros The Power of Change Product Films by Found Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Xeros “The Power of Change” Product Films by Found Studio

From the team at Found Studio in London: “Xeros’ filtration technology captures microplastics and microfibres as water drains out of a washing machine. Using macro lenses and extreme depth-of-field, we show both the extent of the problem and the solution up close.” [Watch]

Stella Artois Unfiltered Found Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Stella Artois “Unfiltered” Brand Films by Found Studio

From the team at Found Studio in London: “Stella Artois’ new Unfiltered Lager honors the brewing methods of the past to create a more flavorful beer.” [Watch]

CG Short Film Catalyst by Found | STASH MAGAZINE

Found Treats Light as Material in New CG Short Film “Catalyst”

From the team at Found in London: “As part of Found’s ongoing investigations into light and form, the studio looked at the world of construction and fabrication, seeking beauty in the kineticism of hard materials. [Watch]