Justin Hackney The Carnival of the Ages AI short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Here’s Your Free Pass to “The Carnival of the Ages” Courtesy of Justin Hackney and AI

Justin Hackney, a London-based CD/director and founder of the AI community Realdreams.io, is on a mission to share and democratize generative creative tools. With this short film, he “unveils a cinematic odyssey through time and space.” [Watch]

Paul Trillo Gen-2 Thank You for Not Answering Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Paul Trillo and Gen-2 “Thank You for Not Answering” in New AI Short Film

Using image and text prompts, ArtClass director Paul Trillo teams with Runway’s Gen-2 multi-modal AI system to explore memory and what might have been in this moody and melancholy new short film Thank You for Not Answering. [Watch]