Weze Mold Music Video by Diogo Kalil | STASH MAGAZINE

Midjourney Mold Takes Over in New Diogo Kalil Music Video

Diogo Kalil, who recently directed this powerful piece for the Irish charity Dublin Simon Community, continues his exploration of AI imagery but with a drastically different tone in this new video for Polish hardcore band Węże. [Watch]

Justin Hackney The Carnival of the Ages AI short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Here’s Your Free Pass to “The Carnival of the Ages” Courtesy of Justin Hackney and AI

Justin Hackney, a London-based CD/director and founder of the AI community Realdreams.io, is on a mission to share and democratize generative creative tools. With this short film, he “unveils a cinematic odyssey through time and space.” [Watch]

Stash 159 preview image | STASH MAGAZINE
Typeface generative AI explainer Leftchannel | STASH MAGAZINE

Typeface Launch Film Offers a Peek into the Future of AI in Design and Branding

If you were wondering just how and when AI could impact the design/branding industry, this explainer from Leftchannel for San Francisco generative AI company Typeface should provide clarity on both fronts. [Watch]

Paul Trillo Gen-2 Thank You for Not Answering Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Paul Trillo and Gen-2 “Thank You for Not Answering” in New AI Short Film

Using image and text prompts, ArtClass director Paul Trillo teams with Runway’s Gen-2 multi-modal AI system to explore memory and what might have been in this moody and melancholy new short film Thank You for Not Answering. [Watch]

Documentary The Age of AI Our Human Future | STASH MAGAZINE

Juan Delcan and Sandblast Explore “The Age of AI: Our Human Future” in New Documentary

Director Juan Delcan and the crew at Sandblast Productions in New York used AI to generate select visual assets for this 16-minute animated doc about the AI revolution including all of the environments and several character designs. [Watch]