Stash Magazine issue 157 | STASH MAGAZINE
Paul Trillo ArtClass Use AI GoFundMe Help Changes Everything | STASH MAGAZINE

Paul Trillo and ArtClass Use AI to Thank GoFundMe Donors

ArtClass director Paul Trillo combines AI, live-action footage, and digital motion design tools into a striking new GoFundMe campaign designed to thank donors and let them know their contributions change lives for the better. [Watch]

Best of Stash 2022: Game Films!

While nudging forward the art and craft of 3D animation, these eight outstanding game trailers, cinematics, and tournament films also offer deeply considered narratives and a possible peak into the future of filmmaking. [Watch]

Ouchhh studio Salvador Dali AI Installation Barcelona | STASH MAGAZINE

Ouchhh Conjures Immersive Dali x AI Installation in Barcelona

The crew at international new media studio Ouchhh realize their 10-year ambition to merge the genius of Salvador Dali with the visual powers of AI in this installation at the IDEAL Centre d’Arts Digitals de Barcelona. [Watch]

Murdaugh Dynasty HBO Max titles Spillt Opens Spillt | STASH MAGAZINE

Spillt Opens “Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty” on HBO Max

From the team at Spillt in Denver, CO: “‘Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty’ is a chilling, three-part docuseries that chronicles the legacy of the Murdaugh family, whose century-long influence over the legal system in South Carolina’s Lowcountry unravels amid accusations of fraud, deception, and murder. [Watch]

Suture Title Sequence by First Fight | STASH MAGAZINE

First Fight Drop AI-Enhanced Title Sequence for “Suture”

André Foster, CD/partner at design and animation studio First Fight in Detroit: “With help from Midjourney, we created a series of AI-generated frames for the opening credits of a fictional television show called ‘Suture’.” [Watch]