Scenes from an Urban Sunset short film Raxo | STASH MAGAZINE

Raxo’s New Short Film Captures “Scenes from an Urban Sunset”

From the team at Raxo in New York: “Scenes from an Urban Sunset is a study in lighting that uses the city itself as our main character – we worked with handcrafted 2D digital backgrounds and integrated 3D assets throughout the composition. [Watch]

Raxo Short Film Always Curious | STASH MAGAZINE

Raxo’s New Collaborative Short Film is “Always Curious”

From the team at the design studio and creative agency Raxo in NYC: “At Raxo, we have fun with the many forms design can take, and we always look for more. We get better because we stay in love with our craft, its versatility, and its fluidity. [Watch]