A Product Film for the Clothing Line The North Face Hopes to Never Make

From the team at agency Wunderman Thompson Mexico: “The North Face has always invited customers to explore the world and protect it by manufacturing long-lasting clothes made from recycled material but this initiative is not enough. What will happen in the coming years if we do not stop the fast-fashion industry and change our consumption habits?

“By analyzing scientific data such as historical greenhouse effects, temperature levels projection, and the use of artificial intelligence, we created a cloth line to explore an uninhabitable planet that awaits us, raise awareness of current environmental issues, and raise funds to fight climate change.

“With the information gathered and high hopes, in-house North Face fashion designers and engineers created clothes meant to protect us in three different extreme climates: Extreme Heat, Extreme Cold, and Flood. To join the current fight against climate change, we released a limited edition of 2050 NFTs in the Metaverse, where each item was sold to raise funds and donate to NGO Pro Natura Mexico.”
The-North-Face-Global-Warming-Series | STASH MAGAZINE

The-North-Face-Global-Warming-Series | STASH MAGAZINE

The-North-Face-Global-Warming-Series | STASH MAGAZINE

The-North-Face-Global-Warming-Series | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: The North Face MX
Country Manager: Gina León
Marketing Manager: Sarahí Arroyo
Brand Marketing Coordinator: Aida Chaparro Plata

Agency: Wunderman Thompson Mexico 
GCCO:  Bas Korsten & Daniel Bonner
LATAM CCO: Daniel Minaker & Sebastian Tarazaga
CCO: Omar Fabian
ECD: Jonathan McVinish
CD: Carlos Enrique Ramírez & Jesús González
Associated CD: Carlos Ferrario
Art Director: Cristian Cervantes, Miguel Aguilar, Alejandro Huerta, Arianna Grijalva
Copywriter: Edgar Rodríguez
Jr. Art Director: Mauricio Chapoy, Raúl Martínez
Production Manager: Nancy Serralde 
Frontend Developer: Juan Mario Riega
Backend Developer: Jaime Ivan Nieto

Production: Feelmaking
Director, Production and Post-production Designer: Patricio Marín
Production Director: Giordo Ganem
EP: Minerva del Castillo, Emigdio
Coord. EP: Isabel Flores 
VFX Artist & Supervisor: Iñigo Armendariz
Motion Graphics/Sound: Altamira Color, Diana Radaelli
Modeling: David Megloza Macias, SkyCube, Cinética 
Cinética: Motion Capture