LeCube_Tooncast | STASH MAGAZINE

Tooncast Character Mash-up Courtesy of Le Cube

Check the zany crush of Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network characters in these IDs for Tooncast, the 24-hour Latin American classic animation cable channel – written, designed, and animated with obvious love and reverence by the Le Cube crew in Buenos Aires and São Paulo.

Le Cube: “To write a script that made it possible for all the different styles of characters to co exist was a huge honor and an incredible experience. We added our spirit in the art direction, with beautiful backgrounds and shadows. We did it with respect and great love for each and every detail of the animation: The result was beautiful and respectful, just what all these characters deserve.

“Many thanks to Genndy Tartakovsky, Iwao Takamoto, Joseph Barbera, William Hanna and all the geniuses who have created these beloved characters. This is our tribute to you. And thanks to the awesome Cartoon Network Team for having invited us into this nostalgic adventure.”

Watch the animatic:

Client: Cartoon Network
CN Creative Director: Damon Pittman
CN Writer Producer: Maria Layus
CN Producer: Zulay Guthrie

For Le Cube:
Direction: Ralph Karam and Gabriel Fermanelli
Executive Producer: Juan Manuel Freire, Gustavo Karam
Writer Producer: Ana Sieglitz
Line Producer: Juana Claypole
Art Direction: Delfina Adán
Animators: Israel Giampietro, Diego Polieri, Juan Pontaroli, Fernando Toninello, Pablo Rago, Leo Campasso, Adriano Nizzoli, Nacho Malter, Guadalupe Vyleta, Julian Fumagali.
Compositing: Nico Piccirili
Sound Design: Facundo Capece