Universal Everything and Dvein for Johnnie Walker House

Matt Pyke and Universal Everything continue to explore the mix of tasteful and abstract 3D animation in corporate installations with a series of audio-visual pieces for Johnnie Walker House in Seoul, South Korea “inspired by the phenomenon of synaesthesia, where the brain ‘sees’ sound or ‘tastes’ color.”

The animation by Barcelona CG masters Dvein, draws on the “complex tastes occurring in Whisky – ie. honeycomb, cherry, orange and smoke” and plays across 28 LED screens at 4K resolution with surround sound.
Universal Everything Dvein Johnnie Walker | STASH MAGAZINE

Creative Director: Matt Pyke / Dylan Griffith
Animation: Dvein / Chris Perry
Sound: Simon Pyke
Commissioned by Love
Watch Universal Everything’s video installation work for Hyundai below, also staged in Seoul: