Visual Explorations for Panoply’s Amazon Original Opener

Grab a peek at some of the sleek R&D London CG specialists Panoply invested in their quest to re-imagine the Amazon Original opener as “a memorable, relevant, and differentiated branded signature.”

Mark Lindner, creative director at Panoply in London: “This new signature will become a cornerstone of their Amazon Original identity, uniting their original content with an iconic open that lives in front of all their movies, series, specials, and documentaries.

“The logo signature is arguably one of the biggest statements an entertainment brand can make. It builds brand affinity and eventual nostalgia. A key driver for their Prime Video customers is they are looking for an entertaining escape, with shared experiences and feelings of engagement and delight.

“Our visual opener leans into these attributes giving Prime Video customers the feeling as if they’re about to be transported out of their everyday, and into something spectacular.”

Watch the finished piece:

Client: Amazon Studios
Designer/director: Panoply
Audio: Human
Exploration Audio: Human Robot Soul