VIZULO “Blackbird” Product Films by Arnis Vitols

To showcase the new minimalist Blackbird line from architectural lighting brand VIZULO, Latvian director, animator, and 3D technical artist Arnis Vitols creates three intimate and tactile CG films.

Arnis Vitols: “With each film, the variations in the Blackbird design are supported by a different environment. To bring out the vision Blackbird was designed for, the product close-ups are balanced out with detailed actions from the surrounding environment.

“The goal for every shot was to tip over this balance in favor of one and then the other for an immersive final experience.

“Blackbird is not to be viewed as something separate from the surroundings, but as an element that blends in and enhances the details that surround us.

“By blurring the line between music and sound effects Dirty Deal Audio composed thick layers of complexity for each film. While the richness of details in the audio or film can stand on their own, together they form a result where new details will be found with every watch.”


Client: VIZULO

Director/animator: Arnis Vitols

Sound Design: Arturs Senfelds @ Dirty Deal Audio