OFFF 15_Infinite Horizon | STASH MAGAZINE

weareseventeen “Infinite Horizon”

Fresh from it’s premiere at OFFF 15, weareseventeen‘s newest in-house labor of love called “Infinite Horizon” attempts to visualize The Overview Effect, a cognitive shift in awareness experienced by some astronauts when seeing the earth from space for the first time.

weareseventeen: “This change causes human conflicts and man-made boundaries to disappear bringing us all together in a singular planetary society, Spaceship Earth. Seen with all its wonderful textures and colors living under a paper thin atmosphere that protects all that lives there from the harshness of space.”

Writer & Director: Stephen Simmonds
Exec Producer: Shaun Adamson
Modelling: Mark Haley, Joe Winston, Adam Brandon, Sept Putra, Jesper Lindborg
Character Rigging & Animation: Joe Winston
Texturing & Lighting: Mark Haley
Animation: Mark Haley, Jesper Lindborg, Stephen Simmonds
Particles: Mark Lindner, Mark Haley, Jesper Lindborg
Compositing: Stephen Simmonds, Mark Haley
Title Design: Stephen Simmonds, Adam Brandon
Music & Sound: Echoic Audio
Voice Record & Edit: Syncbox
Voice Over: Michael Brandon
Images: Courtesy of NASA

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