Xavier Chassaing “Dry Lights”

Beautiful and surprisingly emotional experimental film from ANTIVJ artist Xavier Chassaing evoking an impossibly massive yet tightly choreographed site-specific installation piece. A fully-CG film co-produced by Mathematic, “Dry Lights” expands on a physical sound and light installation at the 2013 Proyecta Festival set in the ethnobotanical garden in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Xavier Chassaing: “Meditation and self-hypnosis are central to my work. When working through an idea, it is like trying to sleep when you have a fever: the same dream or nightmare repeats again and again, but eventually a lot comes from that; our dreams encompass visions and concepts.”

Nicolas Boritch: Producer
Xavier Chassaing: Director, Producer, Executive producer, Editing, Lighting, Clarisse rendering, Compositing, Environment TD designer, SFX.
Thomas Vaquié: Music and Sound Design
Dor Shamir: Artistic Director, Compositing
Xavier Leconte @ Houdini Artist, Compositing
Thomas Van Maele: Houdini Artist
Ilana Shamoon: Artistic adviser
Executive Producer: ANTIVJ
Guillaume Marien @ MATHEMATIC.TV
Software: Clarisse