1500 Slices of Cheese Later…

Stop-motion cheese. Lots of cheese. Check out how the crew at PlusOne in Amsterdam painstakingly water-cut 1500 slices of the stuff into a fun spot for giant Dutch dairy co-op FrieslandCampina.

Creative team: NotJustAnotherTeam
Co-production: Shoq-Studio
Creative Director: Martijn Hogenkamp
Direction: Cas Prins
Production: Geert Jansen
D.O.P.: Dirk de Graaff, Sebas Vriend
Gaffer: Nicholas Burrough
Post-production: Wieger Poutsma, Cas Prins, Michiel van den Berg
Additional Design: Harold van Velsen
Food Specialist: Cees Visser
Music and Sound Design: Audentity
Special thanks to: Light Unit, Becker Watersnijtechniek, Studio 8

5 Responses to “1500 Slices of Cheese Later…”
  1. smann says:

    Super cool, I love this technique . Its interesting to see the lineage on this and I do wonder where it falls within the borrowed vs appropriated techinques. It is very similar to Shugo Tomakaru’s “Katachi” short but in some ways I feel that technique itself lends itself to similar looks , camera angles, etc to show its subject but also “how it was done” self reflexively. The technique itself is part of the look. And of course they both remind me of Javan Ivey’s peice “My Paper Mind” which Ghost Robot took a little flack for , with their Bonnaroo festival lineup. All of this is basically the reverse of the stratcut techinique that most people are familiar with from Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” music video, where material is removed, so you don’t get that same trailing waves of repeated action.

    I think these guys took it one step further in adding the element of dealing with food.


  2. Mateusz says:

    here’s a link to the original animation style these guys are imitating vimeo.com/72272922 . It’s a shame that they’ve not been given any reference or credit….SHAME!

  3. Maybe it would be fair to write about the original idea for this type of animation too (Katachi by Kijek/Adamski)

  4. Patrick Gatland says:

    That’s a nifty little video you have there. It’s a shame the creative looks to have been directly lifted from this clip – http://vimeo.com/kijekadamski

    How cheesy!