Welcome to the Art of Ping Pong

London motion designer Barry Chapman: “Art of Ping Pong is a really cool and innovative UK company who are fusing art with functional design to create a wide range of playful, vibrant, and beautiful products.

“I’m a huge fan of the AOPP world; the aesthetic, the vibe, and also the fact they use their platform to give back. So far they have raised over £30k by organizing exhibitions and auctions with the aim of supporting good causes.

“The project was created using C4D with Redshift and After Effects. Once I figured out the peeling of the ping pong bats technique, I just needed to find some cool camera angles to create a fun vibe.”
Art-of-Ping-Pong-Barry-Chapman | STASH-MAGAZINE5

Art-of-Ping-Pong-Barry-Chapman | STASH-MAGAZINE5

Art-of-Ping-Pong-Barry-Chapman | STASH-MAGAZINE5
Client: Art of Ping Pong

Director/animator: Barry Chapman
Illustrations: Art of Ping Pong

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