Aardman and NSPCC “Talk PANTS”

Animation director Lucy Izzard, the Aardman crew and Adelphoi Music channel the style and tone of a bouncy pre-school video to get parents talking to their 4-8 year-olds about sexual abuse in this work for UK charity NSPCC.

Heather Wright, Executive Producer at Aardman: “Humour, animation and music are a great way of making it less awkward for parents and young children to talk about this very difficult subject. The song has definite ‘earworm’ potential and I’m sure children will find it funny and memorable which will in turn give them the language they need to use to protect themselves.”

“The film is aimed at four to eight-year-olds as talking to children about staying safe is most effective when taught at an early age. Last year a total of 10,757 offences against under-tens – 29 a day – were reported to police in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

Client: NSPCC

Animation: Aardman
Director: Lucy Izzard
Producer: Jason Fletcher–Bartholomew
Production manager: Danny Gallagher
Storyboard/animatic: Rob Richards
Design: Lucy Izzard, Magda Osinska
Flash animators: Charlie Miller, Andrew Fossey, Lucy Izzard
Compositors: Jon Biggins, Bram Ttwheam

Music production: Adelphoi Music, Max De Lucia, Ashley Bates
Editor: Dan Hembery