AT&T Discovery District Films by Lobster Studio

Part of the visual treats displayed on a mammoth digital screen towering 104 feet over the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas, these three vibrant films were designed and animated by Lobster Studio to “celebrate the brand mood.”

Fausto Montanari at Lobster Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria: “We were selected with a group of inspiring global artists and given carte blanche to create site-specific digital art pieces for AT&T’s downtown Dallas campus, which they transformed into a place for people to dine, shop, and spend time with friends.”
“Evolution” (above)
“The continuous transformation of figures represents the idea of evolution, a scenario of constant innovation, where different contents combine and merge, ultimately shaping new information, events, and meetings.”
The recall metaphor is the narrative key at the heart of this brand moment. A loud recall sound spreads up to the most remote lands, and every person, every creature sets off the trail to reach the source of this new energy.

“This film depicts a mysterious and fascinating adventure, a path across wild landscapes leading to a hidden treasure located in an ancestral and legendary place.”

Client: AT&T

Agency: Gensler, Dixon Baxi

Production: Lobster
Direction: Lobster
Illustration: Fausto Montanari, Loris F. Alessandria
Animation: Teodor Hristov, Chris Anderson, Nikolay Ivanov
3D Modelling/animation: Elia Gardella

Music: Made Music Studio