Bad History Meets Mr. Putin

Director Andrei Brovcenco and the crew at Bucharest studio Framebreed take time off from their usual diet of post work for commercials and film for a quick jab at certain world leaders in this all-CG music video parody called “Bad History – Putin”.

Production: FrameBreed
Writer/director/producer: Andrei Brovcenco
Art Director: Andrei Nicolae
VFX Supervisor: Andrei Goran
Project Manager: Mihai Puscaciu
Concept Art: Andrei Nicolae, Ana Dragomir
Character Modeling/Texturing: Vasile Brovcenco, Raluca Barzu
Props Modeling/Texturing: Hani Issa, Alexandru Croitoru, Vasile Brovcenco
Animation: Calin Ivascu, Filip Radulescu
Technical Direction: Ciprian Dumitru, Cristian Afteni
Rigging: Sandu Gonta, Ciprian Dumitru
FX/Rendering: Andrei Nicolae, Cristian Afteni
Compositing: Laura Maria Mihaila, Marius Octavian Iftimie, Andrei Goran
Grading: Laura Maria Mihaila, Bogdan Jugureanu
Editing: Bogdan Jugureanu, Mihai Puscaciu

Music/Sound: iRonic Distors
Mix/Master: Alexandru Turcu

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