Ben Collier-Marsh Crafts a “Wide Open Sky”

Ben Collier-Marsh, CD at WeCanMake in London experiments with layers and looks in this music video for his friend and Brooklyn musician Sami Fitz. A study in contrasts, the resulting piece is both vibrant and languid, fun and contemplative.
Sami Fitz Wide Open Sky | STASH MAGAZINE

Ben Collier-Marsh: “The first time Sami mentioned she wanted to be a singer and musician I was guilty of laughing it off, but years later hearing her music blew me away.
Sami Fitz Wide Open Sky | STASH MAGAZINE

“I was so excited about the opportunity of working with her to create something different. Sami gave WeCanMake the freedom to choose any song from the album and we settled on the beautiful and intriguing song “Wide Open Sky.”
Sami Fitz Wide Open Sky | STASH MAGAZINE

“Creatively Sami allowed us to experiment with the piece, so that’s exactly what we did. We decided to create a series of visual experiments playing with the relationships between image, negative space, nature, geometry and the human form.
Sami Fitz Wide Open Sky | STASH MAGAZINE

“We embraced the freedom of an open brief and allowed ourselves time to experiment and explore. The piece aims to represent the non-verbal communication that happens within relationships, the bits that you can’t explain with words.”
Sami Fitz Wide Open Sky | STASH MAGAZINE

Agency: WeCanMake
Creative Director: Ben Collier-Marsh
Animation: WeCanMake

Song: ‘Wide Open Sky’ by Sami Fitz
Music production: Shahzad Ismaily and Aaron Roche
Mastering: Sarah Register