Ben Koppel Unleashes Art Supply Chaos with His Box Transit Mechanism

3D artist Ben Koppel in London: “This is a self-initiated R&D project that came from studying and recreating several types of mechanisms in Houdini plus my recent purchase of Vitra Toolboxes. I really loved the style and design of these, so I was thinking about how I could include them in a piece of 3D work.

“The film was created in several stages. First of all, I made the box transit mechanism itself and then spent some time playing around with the interaction between that and the Vitra Toolbox with no items inside. I then later replaced that with a version of the Toolbox which I’d filled with items.

“Technically the setup was fairly simple, but managing the sheer number of objects in the scene and making their collisions and interactions work properly posed a bit of a challenge and was something I had to spend a lot of time on. Finally I exported everything out of Houdini and into Cinema 4D to create my lighting, materials and final rendered scene.”
Ben Koppel Box Transit Mechanism short film | STASH MAGAZINE
Director/animator: Ben Koppel

Immediate Byte