Beware the Dude with Smoke for Hair

Montreal VFX and animation studio SHED help the Quebec government battle smoking among the 11 to 14 set with a charismatic/creepy character fit for a vinyl collector in this 3D spot posing as stop motion, part of an awareness campaign stretching across TV, web and print.

“To show the negative effects of Boucane (Smoke), our team created characters and layouts the target audience could easily identify with. We used stop-motion techniques to give rhythm, and to support the integrity of the movement in this kind of animation.

“The images are supported by an original score, composed around the theme ‘Magane pas tes organes’ which translates to ‘Don’t damage your organs’.”

Agency: KBS+
Creative Directors: Benoit Mendreshora & Sacha Ouimet
Art Director: Cyril Drouot
Production/animation: SHED
Animation Directors: PH & Ben
Audio: Studios Apollo