SHED Joins Anchor Point Roster for US Representation

Seattle animation and design production company, Anchor Point, has added Montreal-based creative studio, SHED, to its roster for exclusive representation in the United States. [Read more]


The Story Behind “The Bear” with SHED

Montreal animation house SHED show off their CG creature craft and obsessive attention to both creative and technical details in this :30 for one of Canada’s national lotteries created through DDB Vancouver. [Read more]

Explaining What Not to Recycle in Québec

Montreal VFX and animation studio Shed and agency Cart1er turn the decidedly unglamorous challenge of informing fellow Quebecois about the don’ts of recycling into a fun, snappy and informative :30. [Read more]


Beware the Dude with Smoke for Hair

Montreal VFX and animation studio SHED help the Quebec government battle smoking among the 11 to 14 set with a charismatic/creepy character fit for a vinyl collector in this 3D spot posing as stop motion, part of an awareness campaign stretching across TV, web and print. [Read more]

Holiday Video Treats: Round 4

Grab your eggnog and mince tarts (or single malt and Doritos) and revel in yet more holiday eye candy from three corners of the globe: The X-mas ID for Fox Channels Italy from Vascolo in Buenos Aires (above), the real truth about Santa, the space station and gift-wrapped meteorites from Framestore (below) and a retro-flavored tale of indomitable good cheer from Shed in Montreal (bottom).


[Read more]

SHED For IGA Aide Gourmet

Up against a challenging two-month production schedule, Montreal animation shop SHED turned out this ornately detailed CG wonder for Canadian supermarket IGA. Agency: Sid Lee.

From Jean-Sebastien Guillemette, 3D artist at SHED: “We had to create the concepts, storyboard, animatic and final rendered animation from a scenario the agency Sid Lee wrote. The character design were of a great concern to the clients because even though the goal was to deliver a cartoon-ish animation, the character couldn’t look too “funny”. The whole project had to be balanced between cartoon and realism.” [Read more]